Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#GOP2012 interview with Matt Kibbe

I ran into Matt Kibbe, the President of FreedomWorks, earlier today in the Google Lounge at the Tampa Convention Center. Here's his comments on Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee and why conservatives need to unite behind the Romney/Ryan ticket to defeat Barack Obama:

Kibbe is very enthusiastic about Romney's selection of Ryan as his running mate:
It not only represented a good choice that I didn't see coming...[Paul Ryan] represents the idea that we should balance the budget, represents the idea that we have to do something about entitlements. 
Now the entire party owns that. Now every candidate running for office, including the very top of the ticket, have to get comfortable defending the very positive reform ideas that Paul Ryan has talked about. I think that's an important strategic difference, I think that's an important substantive difference from where we were before that choice [of Ryan as VP] was made. So that's why I'm so enthusiastic about the choice.
Kibbe also was very clear in his opposition to third party presidential candidates, stating, "third parties lose. If you want to defeat Barack Obama, you only have once choice now," but reminding conservatives that enacting a conservative agenda depends more on Congress than the White House, saying that we were "rebuilding the Senate from the bottom up." 

Specifically mentioning FreedomWorks-endorsed Senate candidates Jeff Flake, Josh Mandel, Connie Mack, and Ted Cruz, Kibbe talked about building on the successes of the tea party movement in 2010, and that electing conservative candidates would make the culture of the Senate "substantially different."

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