Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rep. Connie Mack's #GOP2012 speech

Florida Congressman and Senate candidate Connie Mack gave a positive and uplifting speech to open tonight's Republican National Convention, telling the crowd that "once again, it's morning in America," a tribute to Ronald Reagan. 

Mack delivered his speech and closed with, "Thank you! God bless America!" and then, "I love you, Florida!" as he pointed at the Florida delegation and then exited the stage. 

The Hon. Connie Mack
U.S. Representative, Florida 14th District
(Remarks as Prepared for Delivery)

Once again, it's morning in America.

There are new leaders on the horizon - Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - America's comeback team. 

Growing up, I had a plaque on my wall that read:

"Life's battles don't always go to the fastest or the strongest, sooner or later those who win are those who think they can."

We've always been a people with big dreams and limitless potential. 

After all, this is America.

Our success is built on our values and our principles, but so many of them are under attack. Our commitment to freedom and liberty, and to everything that makes our country great, seems to embarrass the blame-America-first crowd.

They penalize individual achievement while praising the power of government. But they have not, cannot and will not destroy our spirit.

We are proud to be Americans. We are proud of our nation, of our heritage and of our success.

And it is our commitment to the American story. It's our athletes in London who brought home more medals than any other country. It's our best and brightest who landed an extraordinary rover on Mars. 

It's the Nobel Prize winners, scientists, writers and artists, second-to-none, who inspire us all. 

These are the achievements that are brought about by a free society that honors individual effort.

We owe it to those who have given so much to regain our strength, and remain one of the strongest forces for freedom the world has ever seen.

Our allies deserve our unwavering support and our enemies need to know, we stand to defend freedom at all costs.

America was built on the belief in free enterprise, hard work, passion and faith.

We have the awesome responsibility to make that dream a reality.

That dream is not an impossible dream. It's the American dream. It's sure, it's strong and it's steady.

Mitt Romney's plans to restore America's promise and purpose will be realized and the American dream will once again be available to all her children. 

We are a nation of dreamers - Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers. Dreamers like Neil Armstrong who sought new lands and took giant leaps into American exceptionalism. And dreamers like my friend, Kiko Villiaon.

You know the story of the others; now let me tell you the story of Kiko.

In 1960, Kiko fled Castro's Cuba. He came to New York. He became a taxi driver. He worked hard and saved his money. He became a citizen. He moved to Florida. He started a business building boats. He raised a family. He put his children through school. He sold his business. Now he worries about what opportunities lie ahead for his children and their children.

Kiko has lived the American dream, as have so many others. That's what this election is all about - making the American dream a reality again.

It's not about the past. It's not about what was done wrong. It's not about blaming America. It's quite the opposite.

Tonight we embark on a renewal of the American dream. 

Tonight we honor those who have come before us and done so much. Many even giving their lives.

And tonight we honor our children and their children to ensure their dreams - whether it's playing under the lights, or starting a business, or being a doctor or a nurse, or a soldier or a sailor, or even a president or a vice president - dreams can become realities.

After all, this is America.  And it's morning once again. 

Thank you, God bless the United States of America.

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