Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lawson Lamar, In His Own Words [VIDEO]

Most telling is Ashton's admission that the one time he was in a management position at the State Attorney's Office, he "hated it" and demanded a transfer. 
The same guy who "hated" managing one division at the State Attorney's Office and couldn't even stick it out for a year, is now asking Central Florida voters to put him in charge of the entire office...
As a contrast, let's take some time to hear what the current State Attorney, Lawson Lamar, has to say in his own words. Lamar sat down for an interview with me earlier this week, and I've broken it up into several short video segments, posted below.

Lamar discussing his experience, military background, early career as a prosecutor, time spent as Orange County Sheriff, and his current position as State Attorney:

Lamar handles all grand jury proceedings for his office. So far, he's handled 973 cases in front of 94 grand jury panels. Here he is talking about the preparation needed for grand juries, what the procedure is like, and how it ties into his other job duties as State Attorney:

Pretrial diversion is an important program that helps encourage first-time/minor criminals to reform their behavior. Lamar talks about how the program works for the Ninth Circuit:

Lamar elaborates on the issue of diversion for juvenile criminals, and how to handle the most serious juvenile offenders:

Lamar on the issue of "internet cafes," the gambling operations that set up in strip malls, and what efforts his office has made to shut them down:

You can learn more about Lawson Lamar at

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