Friday, August 10, 2012

Sarah Palin robocall urges voters to support "conservative reformer" Sandy Adams

In the call, Palin calls Adams a "straight-talking conservative voice" and "conservative reformer" and mentions Adams has never requested an earmark. Mica's record on earmarks is much different.

Palin also posted a message on Facebook earlier this week in support of a moneybomb for the Adams campaign:

In 2012, we have a unique opportunity to elect more commonsense conservatives to Congress, but that alone is not enough. We must support conservatives who are with us on the issues but not weighed down with the burden of crony capitalism that is so prevalent in Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Sandy Adams is just one of those candidates. She is running in Florida’s 7th Congressional District; and unlike her opponent, Sandy is free from the shackles of lobbyists and back door dealings in Washington. As someone who served in the military and as a career law enforcement officer, Sandy doesn’t have time or the patience for the business as usual ways of Washington. Washington insiders on both sides of the aisle have spent this country into massive debt and put our children’s future at risk. Let’s restore power to the people by electing a wise Congress that our next President can work with. Please join me and others like Congressman Allen West, Condi Rice, and Tea Party Express in supporting Sandy Adams today.
- Sarah Palin
P.S. Sandy is underfunded in this race, and you can help Sandy by clicking here:

You can still donate to help keep Sandy Adams in Congress here.

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  1. Go Sarah Go!

    (haha I guess I mean this for both Sarah Palin and Sunshine Sarah!)


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