Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Keep punching back, Romney!

"Oh, Obama made an infographic
with a fictional character named
Julia? That's cute."
One of the major frustrations I (and many other Republicans) had with the 2008 McCain campaign was how timid and reluctant they were to respond to the negative attacks from Obama's campaign.

Romney was - rightfully - criticized during the beginning of the primary for seeming to "play it safe" during debates, and many had fears he might follow the McCain example. I was glad to see him show a tougher, feistier side during the debates in Florida in January, and  I was thrilled to hear about Romney's surprise press conference in front of Solyndra last week, and I'm glad to see that he's not showing any signs of letting up.

Romney just posted several infographics on his Facebook page with a few simple facts about his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts, rebutting some of the nonsense that Obama has attempted to throw at him lately (click images to enlarge):

Good. I hope they keep this up. The Democrats are reeling after last night's losses in Wisconsin, and they must be feeling increasingly threatened. It's going to be an ugly road to November, but if Romney keeps punching back and not letting the Obama and his minions get away with anything, he'll be picking out a Secret Service nickname for Ann soon.

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