Friday, June 22, 2012

More on Fast & Furious

I just wanted to share a few links from this week regarding the latest news on the Fast and Furious scandal...

First, if you missed my post from Wednesday regarding the importance of privilege logs, please go check it out. The short story is that the White House cannot just claim a blanket privilege and refuse to turn over any documents. Instead, they are supposed to turn over all non-privileged documents and then submit a list that describes all documents that they claim are privileged and the specific reason they think a privilege applies. The eleventh hour maneuver to claim executive privilege right before the hearing was nothing more than stonewalling, and the Oversight Committee was right to vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt.

Stacy Washington and Demetrius Minor mentioned my post in their "He Said, She Said" BlogTalkRadio program Wednesday evening:

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Brandon Darby and Kurt Schlichter were also on the show, so it's definitely a great episode. 
Marco Rubio told The Daily Caller yesterday that Eric Holder should resign: "I think evoking executive privilege at the 11th hour yesterday was probably the last straw…I don’t know how the attorney general can continue to exercise that office with any level of credibility after the decision that was made yesterday."

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