Saturday, June 16, 2012

Catching up with Karen Harrington at Right Online [VIDEO]

Karen Harrington, candidate for Florida's 23rd Congressional district, is attending the Right Online conference, and I caught up with her this morning for coffee.

We had a great discussion about the lessons she's learned from her 2010 campaign against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and what kind of reception she is getting with Democrat and independent voters in her South Florida district.

The message Karen is continually hearing is that while many of these voters were willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt in 2010, their patience has now run out. These voters are very worried about the economy, are not confident in Obama's ability to turn things around, and are receptive to the Republican message.

It's a similar dynamic to what I've been seeing in Massachusetts' Fourth District working on Sean Bielat's race. There are a lot of voters out there who may have historically tended to vote Democrat, but month after month of high unemployment rates, rising gas prices, skyrocketing national debt, and so on have drastically weakened their loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Here's a short video with part of my chat with Karen:

YouTube | Karen Harrington (Candidate, FL-23) at Right Online 2012

More information about Karen:

Karen Harrington's website:
@Karen4Congress on Twitter
KarenforCongress on Facebook

UPDATE: Christian Camara, aka @Reaganista, also interviewed Karen today. Here's his post:

Reaganista | Our sit-down with Congressional Candidate Karen Harrington

Javier Manjarres has a post with some wacky stuff about one of Karen's primary opponents:

The Shark Tank | Congressional Candidate Ozzie deFaria Under Criminal Investigation

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  1. Karen is AWESOME! DWS will lose this time!


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