Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sandy Adams defends bloggers, leads effort to ask DOJ to investigate SWATting

We should be clapping for her.
I am just so darn proud of the Republican freshmen that Florida sent to Congress in 2010. They are a tough, feisty bunch who are dedicated to making the tough choices to get our government back on track.

Congresswoman Sandy Adams fits in well with this group, making a name for herself for her perfect attendance record and for taking a lead role in legislation like the Violence Against Women Act.

This past Monday, Adams again took a lead role on an important issue, sending a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, encouraging the Department of Justice to investigate recent SWAT-tings of conservative bloggers. "SWAT-ting" is when someone calls 911 (often using VOIP or other technology to spoof the name and number that is calling), claiming that a violent crime has been committed at their target's address, with the goal of sending law enforcement to the location and inciting a dangerous confrontation. Fortunately, the bloggers who have been targeted recently, including RedState's Erick Erickson and Patterico, were not harmed, but the potential is definitely there.

Shamefully, not a single Democrat signed the letter. Kudos to the other Florida Congressional Representatives who did sign: Steve Southerland, Daniel Webster, Allen West, Richard Nugent, Dennis Ross, Tom Rooney, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Bill Posey.

Also shameful: John Mica, Adams' opponent in the Republican primary, did not sign the letter. I called Adams' office and confirmed that the letter had been circulated both on general House lists and through the Republican Study Committee, so there is no way that Mica's office was unaware of it. Moreover, the letter has been out for almost a week now, so Mica has had plenty of opportunity to publicly add his support.

Considering that Sandy Adams is leading the charge in asking for DOJ action on this SWAT-ting issue, and has drawn attention for her aggressive questioning of Eric Holder during some of the Fast and Furious hearings, I wouldn't be surprised if Eric Holder started encouraging people to donate to Mica's campaign!

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