Friday, June 22, 2012

Heh. MassGOP buys Elizabeth Warren an membership for her birthday

Oh this is too funny. The merry pranksters at the MassGOP sent out a press release this morning, saying that as a gift for Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's 63rd birthday, they had bought her an membership:
MassGOP’s Gift To Elizabeth Warren On Her 63rd Birthday: A Complimentary Account

Boston - Nearly two months after Elizabeth Warren’s false claims to Native American heritage first surfaced, the Massachusetts Republican Party is today offering the Harvard Professor a complimentary account to to commemorate her 63rd birthday.
“Since Professor Warren has failed to come up with any evidence supporting her claims to Native American ancestry, we thought this account would make the perfect birthday gift,” said Nate Little, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party. “If she takes the time to log-in to her gift, Warren will see what has been abundantly clear to everyone else for months: she is not a Native American. If Professor Warren still refuses to meet with the real Cherokees in Boston this week to accept their evidence, this research tool will make it all the more difficult for her to continue to deny the truth. Quite simply, her convenient claims to Native American heritage, timed just so, are entirely unfounded.”
Should Professor Warren take up the offer, the account information will be emailed to her campaign staff immediately.
MassGOP's snarky gift comes after the Warren campaign has been running an online ad campaign asking supporters to donate for her birthday. 

Also debuting today: a Tumblr blog, "63 Things: #63things you won't find at Elizabeth Warren's Birthday Party," along with an accompanying hashtag game on Twitter, #63things.

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  1. I can't get over her "high cheekbones" comment. Lots of people from all over the world have high cheekbones.

  2. Ha that is funny. Were the Mass GOP behind that press conference where they heckled David Axelrod and blew bubbles at him? not sure how effective that really was, but I definitely got a kick out of it! Politics is too serious sometimes.


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