Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Florida voter purge dropping more Republicans than Democrats

Despite all the teeth-gnashing and rending of garments from the Left (and filing of nonsense lawsuits by the DOJ), it turns out that Florida's effort to purge illegal immigrants from the voting rolls is actually targeting Republican white guys.

Of the first 107 names reported purged by the state’s 67 county election supervisors through late last week, a Political Pulse analysis was able to identify 94 from voter registration rolls. Of those, 33 were Republicans and 32 were Democrats. Another 25 were officially “no party affiliation” and the remaining four were of other or of unknown party affiliation.
...The purge took out 41 white, non-Hispanic voters, 33 Hispanic voters and eight black, non-Hispanic voters, with the rest being either other races, or unknown. It also took out 55 men and 36 women, with the rest not identifying a gender.

So...let me get this straight.

The evil, racist voter purge actually ended up dropping more Republicans than Democrats? More white men than minorities? 


UPDATE: Linked by Conservative Daily News, who also noted that the "purge" isn't really much of a purge, involving notices sent to only 0.023% of currently-registered Florida voters. 

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  1. Funny that I'm not hearing this information anywhere. Guess its not a very interesting story when something the lamestream media tells us is racist turns out not to be. hahaha

  2. I salute Florida for this purge. Cleaning up voter roles prevents potential mischief.

    It's not perfect, but just like any database, periodic cleanup of dead data is vital. It's called 'maintenance'.

  3. this is great! thanks for sharing it.


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