Monday, July 23, 2012

Netanyahu on Fox News Sunday [VIDEO]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a guest on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace yesterday:

Link to video at

Netanyahu had kind words for the grieving families in Aurora, Colorado, and also discussed his concerns about the situation in Syria, the recent bombings of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, and the ongoing threats from terrorist groups in the Middle East, including the role of state sponsors of terror like Iran. Iran's quest for nuclear weapons was also a hot topic, and there was a nice moment at the end of the interview where both Wallace and Netanyahu expressed respect for each other's fathers, both of whom passed away in the past year.

Also of note was the discussion about the ten minute mark where Wallace asked Netanyahu about Mitt Romney and his upcoming trip to Israel. Netanyahu wisely avoided getting into the weeds of American politics, but did express an admiration for Romney.

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