Thursday, July 26, 2012

"I'm a lifelong Democrat...but this time I'm going to vote for a Republican."

Here is a must-see ad created by the Republican Jewish Coalition, which they describe as the "first in a series of ads...highlighting the real stories of real people who give voice to the nagging doubts that many in the Jewish community feel about President Obama:"

YouTube | RJCHQ | Michael

"I'm a lifelong Democrat, I've never voted for a Republican for president, but this time I'm going to vote for a Republican for president.'

This was produced by the Republican Jewish Coalition and I must say it’s excellent. It’s about a Jewish man who has been a life long Democrat who not only voted for Obama in 2008 but even held a fundraiser for him at his house. But because of how Obama has treated both Netanyahu and Israel and because of his terrible domestic economic policies, this life long Democrat is now going to vote Republican. And he sounds a little excited about it.
What gets me about the ad is that his story isn’t only believable, it’s compelling – two characteristics which I’ve found are very uncommon in political ads.
I can't argue with that.


  1. I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot of people voicing this exact sentiment this election year. I am all for it!

    Twitter: @chachacher

  2. What an absolutely fantastic admission from Michael in this! Finally, a voter who won't just follow the party line to certain doom, but is willing to make that break.

  3. Bravo Michael
    Me too!!!!


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