Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adam Hasner running for Congress; gets Allen West's endorsement

Adam Hasner announced today that he was shifting his Senate campaign to run for Congressional District 22, and the announcement included an immediate endorsement from Allen West. In an elegant game of dominoes, Congressman Tom Rooney will run in a new congressional district that includes parts of Martin and Charlotte County, and Allen West will run in Rooney's current district

This is a win-win for Florida Republicans, because now West and Rooney, both solid conservatives, are running from favorable districts, and are highly likely to be reelected. 

Additionally, Hasner is uniquely qualified to launch a successful campaign from District 22, as he currently lives in the district, it encompasses part of his former Florida House district so he has established name recognition, and he will be able to attract some of the Jewish vote away from the Democrats.

I was proud to support Adam Hasner's Senate campaign, and of course happily endorse him for Congressional District 22. The important thing is that Floridians can still send this great conservative fighter to Washington.

Adam Hasner Announces Candidacy for U.S. House District 22
As you know, I have spent the last year on the campaign trail for U.S. Senate, traveling our amazing, diverse and beautiful state.  It has been a journey Jillian and I will always treasure, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and get to know so many great people, and to learn from them. I have been deeply honored by the support, friendship and endorsements of so many Floridians from every corner of the state. 
The call to serve my community and my country continues, but the journey has taken us in a new direction.
Today, I am announcing my intention to run as the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 22nd Congressional District of Florida.  My friend Congressman Allen West and I spoke last night, and he offered me his counsel, and I am honored to accept his endorsement in this race.  Allen West's service to our nation did not end when he left the US Army; it continues everyday he leads in the United States House.I look forward to serving with him.
For 8 years, I served this community in the Florida House of Representatives.  I look forward to a spirited contest of ideas in the 22nd District, and to working every day to once again represent my friends and neighbors in Palm Beach and Broward Counties as a passionate advocate for jobs and economic growth, for a Congress that lives within its means and plays by the rules it sets for our citizens, for a balanced budget that protects and reforms entitlements and for a strong national defense that honors our commitments to our allies abroad, especially Israel.
I am a conservative and a proud Republican, but I will go to Washington to oppose Democrats and Republicans who put their own self interest above the interests of our country. I do not expect the work to be easy, or the hours to be short.  I won my first race by knocking on over 10,000 doors, taking my grassroots message to the most Democratic precincts in a blue county. I'm ready to do it again, and give the new 22nd District a new fighter in Washington who puts principle before politics.
Also, in case you missed it, please read my post from Monday discussing District 22 and clarifying some misunderstandings about Florida's redistricting other words, for the millionth time, Speaker-designate Will Weatherford was not involved in any sort of conspiracy to hurt Allen West's reelection efforts. As I wrote above, this deal is a good thing for conservatives. We are putting together an excellent slate of candidates to take on the Democrats in November and send to Washington next January. 

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