Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Most unfair match-up EVER: Reagan vs. Obama

Here's a brilliant video put together by Americans for Prosperity, featuring what might be the most unfair match-up in history, Ronald Reagan vs. Barack Obama:

YouTube | AforP | Happy 101st Birthday President Reagan

As you can see from the title, the video is a tribute to Reagan's 101st birthday, which was yesterday. So, happy belated birthday to one of our country's greatest leaders.

More importantly though, the video shines a spotlight on how little substance there was behind all that "hope and change" fluff that infused Obama's 2008 campaign. The way he speaks about America does not seem to show much hope or optimism...or for that matter, any sort of clue about how to make anything better. I cannot help but be struck by how bitter and petty the President sounds when his words are put side by side with one of his predecessor's.

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  1. You want to be played for the fool? Go Blue Team! Go Red Team!


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