Friday, February 17, 2012

Most accurate portrayal of Ché I've ever seen

From my friends over at Babalú Blog, here is probably the most accurate portrayal of that murderous lunatic Ché Guevara I've seen:

The author of the post, managing editor Alberto de la Cruz, wrote this caption for the photo:
Ché, Hitler. Hitler, Ché. Ché, Hitler. Hitler, Ché... same difference.
Makes sense to me.

I had the pleasure of seeing both de la Cruz and Babalú founder Val Prieto at CPAC, and I really encourage you to check out the great work that they and their colleagues are doing at Babalú Blog. It's become my go-to resource for news about Cuba and Latin America, and they share my pride in being early supporters of our wonderful Senator Marco Rubio.

Check out their coverage of "Chimichangate," and a recent critique of Obama's "people-to-people" Cuba travel policy. Heck, just click around random articles over there. You'll learn stuff, I promise.

Also, Prieto was at the same press roundtable with Senator Rubio that I attended last week, and was nice enough to link my videos and refer to me as "the inimitable and irreplaceable Sarah Rumpf," which is a lovely and gracious compliment.


  1. Normally I really hate comparisons to Hitler - they get tossed around far too easily. But this one seems appropriate.


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