Friday, February 10, 2012


Hello friends...I'm blogging from our nation's capital today, from the Conservativestravaganza (that really should be a word) that is known as CPAC.

The festivities officially kicked off yesterday. I've already run into lots of great friends and fellow bloggers, chatted with a few of our great conservative elected officials, some great conservatives who are hoping to soon be elected officials, and lots of wonderful people who devote so much of their own time, energy, and resources to advancing the conservative cause around our country.

[We had some very, very annoying internet problems yesterday but it seems to be working a little better today.'s very difficult to blog without internet...]

Senator Marco Rubio had a roundtable discussion with some bloggers yesterday morning. I have some video (...that is taking for-ev-er to load...ugh...) of his remarks that I'll post as soon as I can. He also gave a wonderful speech about an hour ago. I can hardly put into words how very proud I am that my state elected such a great conservative leader. It's really wonderful to see how people nationwide have embraced him - during Senator Mitch McConnell's speech yesterday, the mere mention of Rubio's name was enough to get the audience to break out in spontaneous applause.

I'd like to remind everyone that my friends at FTR Radio are organizing a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society called "Cancer Sucks." You can read about the inspiration for the fundraiser here and please consider donating any amount that you can.

For everyone who is here at CPAC, my cousins own the "Red Hook Lobster Pound" truck aka the "Lobster Truck" (follow them on Twitter at @LobsterTruckDC or Facebook) and they'll be visiting us at the Marriott Wardman Park today for lunch starting at 11:30 am. Here is a coupon for a free soda (you can just save it on your phone  - no need to print it out):

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