Friday, February 17, 2012

Pray for Obama!

I don't think this is new, but I got it in my inbox yesterday, and it made me chuckle, so I thought I'd share it:

In case you were wondering, the text of Psalm 109:8 reads as follows:
Let his days be few, and let another take his office.
And to borrow a phrase from our President, "let me be clear:" I mean nothing malicious here (the rest of that chapter has some vicious language; I'm interpreting this in a far more lighthearted manner).

Here's my point: look how happy Obama is when he's golfing:

The Golfer-in-Chief doing what he loves best
I think he's been a hot mess as a President, but I don't think he's an evil person or anything, and he certainly seems to be a good, caring father. Let's all pray for him to have more time to spend on the golf course and with his two lovely daughters. Being President is stressful and giving him all that gray hair.

Pray for Obama!


  1. How can that Psalm be interpreted as anything but malicious? It think it's best to just distance yourself from it, but you didn't and turned it into some kind of joke. You are a bad person Sarah, stop giving caffeine lovers a bad name.

  2. Oh no, Albert Cirrus says I'm a bad person. Guess I should just stop blogging and go hide under the bed and cry.

    Sorry, Albert. Not gonna happen. Keep sending the insults my way, though, they entertain me.


  3. I don't know who this "Albert Cirrus" is (Cirrus like the cloud? So you have a head full of air?) but if you think Sarah's a bad person, you don't have to read her website. Duh!

    1. I've seen him post before here and other FL blogs. He's a liberal troll.

  4. I guess you have to grow a conscience first before you see the errors of what you posted, so I apologize if calling you a bad person upset even if it's true.

  5. The day I depend on Albert Cirrus for lessons in having a conscience pigs will fly past a snowball fight in Hades as the Cubs are winning the World Series.


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