Friday, December 24, 2010

Ronald Reagan's 1981 Christmas Address to the Nation

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas tomorrow, I thought a look back almost twenty years ago would be interesting. Here is President Ronald Reagan's Christmas address to our country at the end of his first year in office, 1981:

"The world is full of peril as well as promise. Too many of its people, even now, live in the shadow of want and tyranny."

In addition to commemorating the holiday season, Reagan also has tough, brave words regarding the brutal oppression of the Polish people by its Soviet-backed communist government. Reagan unequivocally condemns the actions of the Polish government, and offers support to the Solidarity movement which would be the driving force in bringing freedom to Poland.

The world owes Ronald Reagan a debt of gratitude for his courageous role in bringing about the end of the Cold War. As we face today new threats from terrorists, rogue nuclear nations, and an unstable world economy, I don't know if we can wait for another "Reagan" to come along and lead us through the troubles. But I do know that I have great faith in the American people, and the power of prayer, and I believe that we will get through this.

God Bless all of you this Christmas season.

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