Friday, December 3, 2010

Governor Christie: How will our children judge us?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets a lot of attention - and YouTube hits - when he's fired up, debating political opponents, tearing apart the unions, and humiliating wanna-be hecklers, but he's also got some good things to say when he's in a calmer mood.

Here is Governor Christie giving the keynote address at the Foundation for Excellence in Education dinner in Washington, D.C. earlier this week:

YouTube | Governor Christie: How will our children judge us?

I'll be honest...I don't want Christie on the 2012 Republican Presidential ticket.  Not yet.  But I have an immense amount of respect for his tough attitude and his strength of character.  His audacity and stubborn insistence on sticking to his principles, regardless of who attacks him or how often he's attacked, is something that a lot of Republican candidates could benefit from studying.

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