Friday, December 17, 2010

Go Ahead and Cry

Here's a great post from a blogger friend of mine - another conservative Southern gal named Sarah (awesome, right?), about the media obsession with Speaker-elect John Boehner's tears during recent interviews:

...I don’t care if John Boehner tears up when he’s talking to Lesley Stahl (I’d cry if I had to spend that much time with a CBS reporter, too) and I don’t care if he gets a little misty when he watches Bambi. I just want someone – anyone – in Congress to do his or her damn job and for the media to report on it accordingly.

If John Boehner can go back to Washington in January, get Congress out of my personal business and into the business of cutting spending, I don’t care if he lies down on the floor of the Capital Building and sobs like a little girl every day for the rest of his life...
Personally, I agree with Sarah.   

John Boehner truly represents the great American dream.  He grew up in a tiny house, sharing two bedrooms and one bathroom with eleven siblings (Boehner's parents slept on a pull-out couch).  He was the first in his family to go to college, taking seven years to finish because he was working several jobs (including janitor) to pay for his tuition.

Can you blame him for getting a little choked up when he thinks about how far he has come?  Is it really that strange for him to be moved by the challenges faced by other poor children? 

After two years of seeing Nancy Pelosi's overly-Botoxed face and wondering if she was capable of showing any human emotion at all (I'm still suspicious that she might be a robot) I like the idea of a politician who actually has some feelings.  I want to cry too when I think about the insane growth of our national debt.

Mr. Boehner, you've got a lot of hard work to do starting in January.  As Sarah said, do a good job and we aren't going to care if you're crying, giggling, or singing.

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  1. Thanks! You touched on something I didn't. I'm not a big fan of crying men, however, I do like to see a politician that is moved by something real.

    If Obama had cried, the media would be talking about what a sensitive soul he is.


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