Monday, December 20, 2010

A monkey is running for mayor of Tampa

Tampa is electing a new mayor on March 1st.  This year's slate of candidates includes a very small and feisty member of the primate family:

Yeah.  A monkey is running for mayor.  Well, maybe.  According to the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office, the monkey has not yet filed candidate paperwork yet...and presumably would not be officially eligible since I'm pretty sure the monkey isn't a registered voter (unless ACORN already helped him out).

The Monkey has a blog, he's on Facebook and Twitter, and he's got a YouTube ad:

Oh, Monkey issued a press release too.  Read it here.

(Hat tip to Saint Petersblog, where I first noticed this exciting new campaign...and a special shout out to Jordan Raynor, who is the brains behind all this.)

I'm very interested to see how many write-in votes the Monkey gets.

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