Thursday, December 30, 2010

Charlie Crist's legacy?

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Charlie Crist has an "unfinished agenda."  Well, you can file that under: "Things That Do Not Worry Me One Bit."  

You know, I was under the impression that having an "unfinished" agenda required actually having an agenda that you could attempt to finish.  Governor Oompa-Loompa changed his positions so many times on so many key issues, I couldn't track him with a GPS and a team of bloodhound dogs.

He rode a wave of optimism into office four years ago, but Gov. Charlie Crist leaves behind a very different Florida when his term expires next week.
Crist himself has changed, too. Long stripped of his once sky high popularity and no longer a Republican, he departs as a failed U.S. Senate candidate with his political career finished for now, his future uncertain.
As Florida's 44th governor, Crist goes down in history as the first governor who could have sought re-election and didn't, an option since 1968 when the constitution was amended to allow a second term.
He chose instead to pursue ambition over a long-term policy agenda, with devastating personal consequences. As a result, his record has an unfinished feel...

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  1. I'm thinking a few years from now no one will even remember his name. On the other hand, I heard Jeb Bush is being pushed to run for Nelson's senate seat?


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