Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CNNdebate: River City Rumble!

Press filing room at the UNF student union.
Welcome to the #RiverCityRumble! (Credit for that hashtag goes to @AbelHarding, I believe.)

I'm here in the press filing room at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, getting ready to watch the latest Republican mud wrestling match debate, which will air on CNN starting at 8 pm.

You can follow my commentary at my twitter feed (@rumpfshaker) and I was also invited to live blog the debate for Follow along at this address:

Joining me at Sulia will be Jacob Perry, Javier Manjarres, Abel Harding, and many other great commentators.

Also, if you haven't already read them, don't miss my posts from earlier this week with lots of info, statistics and (of course) snark about the Florida primary:

T-minus 27 minutes and counting...

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