Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wanna see how your neighbors voted?

OK, that post title is a little obviously can't look up how specific people voted, but you can see how your precinct voted, on this website from the Orange County Supervisor of Elections (you can look up your precinct number here):

The site also lets you break down see how many people voted with early, absentee, or provisional ballots.
You can see some interesting details by studying the election results up close, precinct-by-precinct.  

For example, my precinct leans Democrat, overwhelmingly voted for Alex Sink, and for Alan Grayson by about 7 points, but Teresa Jacobs still beat Bill Segal  here by more than 20 points...and I live in the heart of what should have been Segal's territory - College Park, Winter Park, downtown, etc. - the area that makes up Orange County's District 5 that Segal represented on the County Commission for years.  My precinct also voted overwhelmingly for Amendments 5 and 6 (both received slightly over 75%), but rejected Amendment 4 (more than 60% voting no).

If your curiosity about election results isn't satisfied yet...statewide election results for the 2010 general election can be found here.  Past election results (primary and general elections) dating back to 1978 can be found here.

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