Saturday, November 13, 2010

More totally obvious self-promotion by a presidential contender

So, last week, Mitt Romney was running ads on Facebook that congratulated Marco Rubio on winning the Senate race, in what was a totally obvious effort to promote his own 2012 presidential bid.

Now, this week, it appears that a few more contenders are joining the Facebook ad game.  I saw this ad from Tim Pawlenty, looking suspiciously like the Romney ad:

OK, same color scheme, same pairing of Marco's photo on the left, Rubio's name in bold letters, and the congratulatory message referring to Marco's election as a "history victory."  Sheesh.  At least he could have tried to be a little bit original.

Clicking on the ad takes you to Tim Pawlenty's Facebook page, with this photo:

...Note that the tabs at the top include the traditional Facebook "Wall," and "Info," and of course an invitation to "Join TPaw" by supporting his "Freedom First PAC," and then ..the next two tabs are "New Hampshire" and "Iowa," listing all the many fun stuff that "TPaw" has been doing in those little states lately.

I don't feel like going into my full "why do these itty bitty snow covered states have such a ridiculously disproportionate impact on Presidential primaries" rant, but at least they did serve as a very simple litmus test: any politician who is not from Iowa who posts a bunch of Facebook photos with random corn farmers is definitely running for President.

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