Tuesday, November 9, 2010

File this one under "Totally Obvious:" Mitt Romney might be running for President in 2012

Right after last week's election results, I noticed a new Facebook ad popping up on my page that looked like this:

Did you get similar ads on your Facebook page too?  Looks like Team Romney was well-prepared to use the Republican victories as a launch pad for his second try to get to the White House. 

The folks at the TechRepublican blog noticed Romney's Facebook ads too, and also noticed that Marco wasn't the only one he congratulated:

Clicking on Romney's Facebook ads takes you to a Facebook fan page with a link to, what else, a YouTube video of Mitt Romney...in New Hampshire...hmmm...what's so special about New Hampshire?

Yeah.  Romney's in New Freakin' Hampshire.  One of those itty-bitty cute little states that clings to electoral relevance by having ridiculously early primaries.  He's, like, soooo totally running for President.  Totally.


  1. Something interesting: Mike Huckabee endorsed Rubio on June 23, 2009. Rubio was 35 points behind in the polls. Huckabee's, and later Demint's endorsements provided crucial support and fundraising for Rubio early in the campaign.

    Mitt Romney endorsed Rubio April 20, 2010. Rubio was 35 points ahead in the polls.

    'nuff said.

  2. Yep. You can count me on the list of people who also endorsed Marco when he was 35 points down. It's been a very interesting journey.

    The huge swing in Marco's poll #s, and that trip from "no chance" to "can't stop him" makes it all the more interesting that all these 2012 contenders are trying so desperately to tie their names to his any way that they can.


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