Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet Mike Yost

Mike Yost is running for Congress in District 3...yes, the seat currently held by Corrine Brown.  This is a reeeeaaaaallllly interesting race, and it's definitely not a "safe seat" for the Democrats.  I've seen the recent polling data (including cross-tabs and sample size - I'm satisfied that it was a fair and accurate poll) and Mike is within single digits of defeating an 18 year incumbent.  

The battle for District 3 is important for many reasons.  District 3 is one of the poorest in the entire country - highest crime and unemployment rates in Florida, and third highest in the U.S.  These problems go back way before the current recession.  The people of District 3 have been suffering for a long time with a stagnant economy, lack of job diversity, and some of Florida's lowest-performing schools.  Corrine Brown has been a huge disappointment, focusing her efforts on Washington insider politics instead of the people she is supposed to represent.  Corrine Brown is an egregious abuser of the earmarks process, sponsoring almost $700 million dollars in earmarks over the past 2 years alone, a whopping 70% of which were for projects outside the district!

Clearly, the people of District 3 deserve better than Corrine Brown, and based on recent polling, they recognize that fact.  The race and Mike's amazing progress have been getting a lot of press attention recently: 

Florida Times-Union | The Momentum of Mike Yost
Can This Mechanic Help Repair America? 

Dick Morris was in town recently for the "Take Back America" rally sponsored by the West Orlando Tea Party, and has become a very enthusiastic supporter for Mike.  You can watch videos of the entire event here, including remarks from Mike Yost and Dick Morris, and other local tea party movement leaders and Republican candidates.

Dick Morris has declared Florida's 3rd Congressional District as a "race to watch," and a race that is "definitely winnable" for the Republicans.  He talked about the campaign on Hannity last night (I am looking for video of this, I have it saved on my DVR but if anyone has a link to a legal copy, please post in the comments, thanks!)

UPDATE: Here is a link to a YouTube video of Dick Morris talking about Mike Yost.  He mentions Mike at about the 1 minute mark.

You can meet Mike Yost in person at the Orlando campaign office this Friday, at 7:00 pm.  The address is 672 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801 (right across the street from the Orlando Sentinel building).  There is a parking lot behind the building.

Also, the campaign is recruiting volunteers to help with the final month of phone banking, neighborhood walks, etc.  If you have any time to help, please contact the campaign Field Operations Director, Steve Borum, at steve.borum@yost2010.com.

AND OF COURSE...Mike could really use your financial support.  Please donate any amount you can. 

Mike Yost Campaign website
Mike Yost on Facebook
YostforCongress on Twitter

Thanks y'all!

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