Friday, August 16, 2013

EMILY's List Demands Apology from Vogue...Just Kidding!

Elle Woods would approve of
this look, don't you think?
This is cracking me up. Certain voices on the Left whipped themselves into a frenzy of outrage when RedState's Erick Erickson referred to Texas State Senator Wendy Davis as "Abortion Barbie."

Reality check: none of these people seemed to have any problem with similar insults being flung at Sarah Palin, and Davis is a very attractive, slender blonde who is known for wearing stylish clothes. I've heard more than one friend who's worked in the Capitol mention her seemingly endless collection of Louboutin shoes. Forgive me for thinking that this isn't really the Worst Insult Ever™.

Don't get me wrong - Louboutins are lovely shoes, and if I could afford them, I'd be rocking some red-soled heels too. But until the media and liberal groups around the country got themselves in a tizzy about Davis' filibuster, her style was one of the main things she was known for, not for passing any serious legislative initiatives.

Whatever, it's all free speech. Erickson can call Davis #abortionbarbie if he wants to, and the Lefties can call him a jerk for doing so if they want to...

...and I can make fun of EMILY's List for being silly little hypocrites if I want to. 

So, here is the Facebook ad that EMILY's List is running this week:

OMG, y'all! Erickson called Davis "Abortion Barbie!" It's outrageous! It's offensive! It's definitely the worst thing that's ever happened to a female politician, like, ever! DEMAND AN APOLOGY!

Wait, what's this?

A swooning, fluffy puff-piece in Vogue about Wendy Davis, describing her as "a stunning blonde" and "petite," and listing by name brand all the fancy little designer clothes she wears? 

Hmmm. Fascinating. And oh, what's this, at the end of the article? 

(Click image to enlarge)
OK, after yet another paragraph gushing over her wardrobe, we get this phrase:

"Barbie-doll looks"?! BARBIE-DOLL LOOKS?! BARBIE! DOLL! LOOKS!

Surely EMILY's List was outraged and infuriated over this demeaning attack on Senator Davis! I mean, how dare Vogue refer to an attractive, stylish blonde as having "Barbie-doll looks." It's completely unreasonable!

Alrighty then.

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  1. My favorite quote in the Vogue article was this: "Her warmth is genuine and profound, if just a hair shy of maternal;..."

    Ya think. A woman who supports partial abortion and doesn't know anything about #Gosnell is a hair shy of maternal. Oh, the irony.


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