Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greg Abbott's goal: "A Texas where any child of any background" can succeed

Earlier today, the Greg Abbott campaign sent out an email thanking everyone who attended his campaign kickoff in San Antonio. The email ended with this paragraph:
Together we will build a Texas that attracts jobs, promotes opportunity and rewards ingenuity – a Texas where any child of any background has a chance to smile, to hope, to dream and to succeed.
Let me emphasize that last part: "A Texas where any child of any background" can succeed.

I like the sound of that a lot better than all the Race-Based Caucus/Coalition for this Minority Category/Gender Wars/Specific Interest Group/etc. demands and fights that seem to dominate our political debate. 

Everyone wants the opportunity for a decent job, good schools for their kids, public safety to be maintained, for the government to not abuse their rights, and so on. Those are not white issues or black issues or Hispanic issues or straight issues or gay issues or Lutheran issues or Jewish issues or inner city issues or rural issues. 

These truly are "everybody" issues, and I'm very glad to see Greg Abbott take this approach. 

In a related note, liberal group Battleground Texas tried to troll Abbott during his #AskAbbott Twitter town hall last night, and Abbott delivered a brilliant smack down.

I'm a new kid to Texas, but Battleground Texas showed up after I moved here, and apparently hasn't had time to do the basic research about actual Texans...or Greg Abbott himself. They posted a question in Spanish, asking Abbott "how do you plan to communicate with the Latino community?"

Here's his response:
Translation: "My wife is Latina. And I can communicate with all voters." BOOM.

Exactly. As Governor of Texas, Abbott would represent all Texans.

This cat has a stronger claim to Texas residency
than Battleground Texas.
You gotta love Battleground Texas trying to use Spanish to troll a bilingual candidate with a Hispanic wife. Can't you just picture a group of interns, huddled around a MacBook, giggling as they typed what they were totally sure was going to be, like, the best zinger of some Republican white guy evah. Fail, fail, fail.

Well, maybe after Battleground Texas has been here at least as long as my cat has, they will know more about the Hispanic community here.

¡Buena suerte, idiotas!

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