Friday, August 30, 2013

#Texas Comptroller @SusanCombs at @RightOnline

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is sponsoring two conferences in Orlando this week, the RightOnline Conference and the Defending the American Dream Summit.

I caught up with Texas Comptroller Susan Combs earlier this morning and we chatted about her efforts to increase transparency in the Texas budget. She has launched a website,, that has a lot of resources for citizens to research their own local government officials, learn more about the debt that your government owes, and ideas for taking action. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter at #TXTransparencyNow.

You can watch our conversation here:

YouTube | Texas Comptroller Susan Combs at #RO13

As someone who was a Floridian until recently, I've always been a fan of the Sunshine Laws and similar ethics rules that make it easier for people to keep tabs on what our elected officials are doing. I'm glad to see a similar priority placed on transparency in Texas, and think that a large part of the success of the state is due to these kind of restrictions on government power.

Combs also participated in a panel discussion today about issues related to the abuse of power by unions, and pointed out that despite how unions claim to be fighting for workers, in many cases, they do their members a terrible disservice, especially regarding pensions. If union-managed pensions collapse, it's bad for the companies and the taxpayers, but the workers are the ones who are hurt the most.

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