Thursday, December 8, 2011

Will McBride endorses Adam Hasner for Senate

We've got yet another conservative endorsement for Adam Hasner today, and it's someone who is personally familiar with running for Senate in Florida: Will McBride.

McBride, who came in second in the 2006 Republican Senate primary, was widely viewed as the grassroots conservative alternative to Katherine Harris, who went on to get defeated by Bill Nelson. I voted for McBride in the primary, and it was disheartening to see Harris fail to generate excitement and then watch Nelson waltz to an easy reelection. True, Harris was burdened by Democrat and media attacks based on her role in the 2000 recount, but her inability to connect with voters also played a big role in her defeat.

The 2006 race provides an important lesson for Republican primary voters: we need to elect a candidate who the grassroots can trust to fight for conservative principles, and who is free from baggage that Nelson and the Democrats could exploit.

There's only one candidate in the race who meets that description: Adam Hasner.

Will McBride Endorses Adam Hasner For U.S. Senate
Boca Raton, FL - Today the Adam Hasner for U.S. Senate campaign announced the endorsement of former Florida Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Will McBride.  In 2006, McBride a social and fiscal conservative, garnered 30 percent of the vote in the Florida Republican U.S. Senate primary.
"As Albert Einstein said, 'Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.' If we want different results, we must fire career Washington politicians who have made their living in the House and Senate and send Adam Hasner to the U.S. Senate to fight for Republican values such as smaller government, lower taxes, defense of the unborn, and reining in wasteful spending in Washington," said Will McBride.
"Will is a  well respected conservative leader and I am honored to have his support," said Adam Hasner. "Like me, Will understands that this election is about saving the miracle that is America. If we continue down the path of record debt, unsustainable spending, and massive government controlled healthcare, President Obama is going to turn the American dream into a nightmare.  It's critical we select the right Republican to defeat Senator Nelson. That's why I'm running, and why I am proud to have Floridians like Will McBride standing with our campaign."
Adam Hasner Has Earned Endorsements From The Following Florida Republican And Conservative Leaders:

Former Florida House Speaker Allan Bense
Former Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul
House Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera
State Senator Anitere Flores
State Senator Alan Hays
State Senator Garrett Richter
State Representative Dennis Baxley
State Representative Scott Plakon
State Representative Eric Eisnaugle
State Representative Daniel Davis
State Representative Lake Ray
State Representative Mike Weinstein
State Representative Ed Hooper
State Representative John Legg
State Representative Charles McBurney
State Representative Robert Schenck
State Representative Kelli Stargel
Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Carole Jean Jordan
Sally Bradshaw, former Chief Of Staff for Jeb Bush
Kathleen Shanahan, former Chief Of Staff for Jeb Bush
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