Thursday, December 15, 2011

The difference between me & Glenn Beck is when I rant and rave, I make sense!

On Tuesday, I was on The Ed Dean Radio Show to discuss Glenn Beck's comments about Newt Gingrich, his feud with Andrew Breitbart, and the latest on the Republican primary presidential race. Oh, and I go on a rant or two about the damage caused by unrealistic conservative commentators, the quest for a "perfect" candidate, and flirting with third parties.

Glenn Beck recently made some incredibly asinine comments on Judge Napolitano's show, claiming that Gingrich was a worse progressive than the rest of the Republican field, and that anyone who was supporting Gingrich was doing so because of a racist dislike of President Obama.

What. The. Eff.

Has Gingrich supported some ideas from time to time that strayed from the strict conservative path? Yep. But is he really a "progressive," worse than all other Republican candidates, worse than even Ron "Appeasement and Isolationism Are Awesome" Paul? Heck no.

Even more ridiculous is Beck's claim that all the tea party activists and conservatives who supported Herman Cain but were now turning to Gingrich were motivated by racism. Someone please explain to me how people who enthusiastically supported Cain are a bunch of racists.

And I don't know if Beck noticed this, but all of the remaining Republican presidential candidates are white. If you prefer a Republican candidate over a Democrat, then you will have to vote for a white candidate against a black candidate next year. That doesn't mean you're racist.

Back to the broader point: the reason I'm so fired up about Beck's stupid, stupid comments is that I see him falling prey to a long-standing trap for conservative commentators: the danger of letting passion overpower reality, and the egotistical quest for attention and ratings at the expense of worthwhile activism.

To use a Spinal Tap reference, too many are giving into the temptation to always be "dialed up to eleven." Saying outrageous things gets you attention, and I'm certainly not one to be shy about sharing my opinions, but there has to be a line somewhere. Beck's comments were completely out-of-line and detrimental to the overall cause of helping Barack Obama become a full-time golfer.

I don't even want to get started on Beck's third party nonsense. If the goal is to make Obama a one-term president, then conservatives have to find a way to unite behind one candidate at some point. This is going to be a ugly, messy, brutal election, and the only hope that the Republicans have is if we stick together.

As Republicans, we have two choices: we can mope and moan about candidates we wished were running, and candidates who have already dropped out, or we can accept the reality of the candidates who we do have, support the one we feel best represents us, unite together behind the eventual nominee, and work as hard as we can to elect a conservative House and Senate.

Anyway, I'm on starting at the 0:30 mark, but make sure to listen to the first part of the show where Justin Sayfie ( is the guest.

The Ed Dean Radio Show | December 13, 2011

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P.S. The book I mentioned during Ed's show, but couldn't remember the name, is Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer.


  1. RE: Newt

    The difference I see between Glenn and you is that Glenn proves his points and you don't. You say that Newt is truly conservative? Prove it. Prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. And yes, Newt has a man crush on FDR.

  2. I didn't say Newt was a perfect conservative, only that he wasn't a complete progressive like Beck was painting him. And I'm sorry, but merely expressing admiration for another politician doesn't mean you endorse all of their policies.

    Oh, by the way, Mr. Anonymous, Beck wasn't talking about Gingrich admiring FDR, he was talking about him admiring TEDDY Roosevelt. So before you come here and start making demands that I prove things, why don't you start by getting your facts straight?

  3. Sarah, you gave BRILLIANT answers on that show. I hand't thought of your point that passion was what was coloring his judgement and a quest "to be right" or whatever. Beck is also a hypocrite for being a "friend of Israel" saying he would support A) Ron Paul and B) the election of Barack Obama that would be the likely outcome.

    I give a FULL analysis of the FDR charges here -

    there is a more recent post on the 7 Big Government positions of Gingrich here:

    But Bachmann would be a terrible candidate and I feel Santorum might be effective, but no one would be inspired to "follow" him or buy his agenda.

    You're great.


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