Friday, September 3, 2010

Rick Scott and Jennifer Carroll in Orlando yesterday

For those of you who couldn't make it yesterday, here is a video of Rick Scott and Jennifer Carroll's speeches:

YouTube | Rick Scott introduces Jennifer Carroll

Just like at the Republican Unity Rally on Monday, the room was standing room only, all the local press were in attendance, and the candidates received a very warm reception.  Highlights were the discussion of Scott and Carroll's common experience in the Navy and a clever joke at Charlie Crist's expense, when Carroll joked that Scott was running for Governor for the right reasons, not just to "punch a ticket to run for a Senate office."

Local Republican elected officials and candidates on stage to show support for Rick Scott and Jennifer Carroll
Also in attendance to show their support were Congressional candidates Dan Webster, District 8, and Sandy Adams, District 24; State Senators Thad Altman and Lee Constantine, State Representatives Eric Eisnaugle, Bryan Nelson, and Scott Plakon; Greg Reynolds, State House Candidate for District 36; and Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty.  Most of these people endorsed McCollum in the primary but have now come together to support Scott.  Even Jennifer Carroll herself endorsed McCollum in the primary, but you can see that she and Scott are clearly on the same team now. In this video and others taken yesterday, you can see an easy rapport and friendly relationship between Scott and Carroll. 

I think it says something very positive about Scott that he has been able to rally all these people to his side so quickly and effectively.  I know many of our local Republican elected officials and candidates, and they are definitely independently minded, not some sheep who just blindly follow where the party tells them to go.  Especially because McCollum is from Central Florida, many of these people are personal friends of his, and were front line supporters of his candidacy.  Many of them spent little to no time with Scott before the primary; I, too, never saw him in person until after he was elected as the Republican nominee.  

Scott has won everyone over the old-fashioned way - by being humble, sincere, grateful, and focusing on solid, conservative, practical ideas around which Republicans can rally.  Our local Republican leaders are sincere in their support of Scott, and the addition of Carroll to the ticket has only increased their enthusiasm for the ticket.  

One more quick note: Ann Scott is just adorable.  After the speeches, everyone was coming up to shake her husband's hand, congratulate him on his great LG selection, and take pictures.  Mrs. Scott's deep love for her husband is obvious as she stands by his side, smiling and watching everything.  I thought it was sweet that she kept asking people, "Oh, do you want me in the picture too?"  She's clearly a very humble person, but is going to have to get used to people wanting her picture too.  If you see Ann Scott at an event, definitely go up and say hi, you'll enjoy meeting her.

Here I am with our future First Lady and Governor, Ann and Rick Scott

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