Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Girl Power?

Interesting article by Dr. Susan MacManus, arguing that more female candidates run for office during times of economic recession or corruption, and a statistical study of the candidates running this year...

I'm not totally convinced that women are more likely to run for office in recessions or when the incumbents are facing scandals. Dr. MacManus argues as follows:
During economic downturns, voters search for candidates they believe will be the best at balancing budgets and managing with less. Women candidates tend to benefit from this. They are perceived as having more credibility when they promise to be more fiscally frugal because in a majority of households in America, women control the purse strings.

Women are also enticed to run for office when corruption is perceived as rampant. Voters tend to think of women candidates as having a bit more integrity and being more honest than male candidates, particularly male incumbents.
...but I don't see any citations or any research support at all for these particular statements by Dr. MacManus. Still, the statistical study of this year's candidates is interesting, and I recommend reading the article.

What do you think? Are you more likely to vote for a female candidate this year? Do you believe that a female candidate is "more credible" when she promises to be fiscally responsible or ethical?

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