Thursday, September 23, 2010

Important Reading for anyone concerned about the "Florida Tea Party" third party

This is definitely one of the best summaries of the Fake Tea Party shenanigans I've seen yet...

Read the article, the whole thing.  

Seriously.  Get out of here.  Go read that article.  I know I have a pretty little website here, with the lovely palm tree background, ahhh so nice, but go away, go read that article, and then you can come back here.

Forward it to your friends and family.  Forward it to everyone you know who is a registered voter in Florida. 

Thank you.


  1. When it comes to fakers sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    I am honored by your posting of the link to the RES PUBLICA story about the TEA pseudo political party. It will not be our last word on the subject.

    Every one of us who believe in the values that made our country great must work together, with skill, determination and diligence, to do that which the Mainstream Media is too lazy, biased or stupid to do -- expose the truth about these scoundrels and the political cancer they have begotten.

  2. You are welcome! I appreciate the hard work you did getting that information together.

    ...and yes, I agree, sunlight is the best disinfectant. I actually say that all the time, especially regarding these particular people.

  3. Very informative; thank you for posting this!


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