Thursday, September 30, 2010

The new Orlando Arena

I think there's definitely room for debate on the timing and expense of this construction project, but I have to admit it's a beautiful building.  I think I'm going to be stubborn and old-school and still call it the "O-Rena," just like the original building was named back in the day before the corporate sponsors.  Nothing against the people at Amway, I bet they're very nice, it's just that "Amway" doesn't make me think of basketball.

Anyway, the Magic released this time-lapse video of the construction and I thought it was pretty neat to watch.  Sort of looks like little ants are doing the work from this angle.

OK, so the Orlando Sentinel's "embed this video" button is only posting a tiny version of the video here for some reason, so here's the link where you can watch it directly on the Sentinel's website: 

Orlando Sentinel | Time lapse of Amway Center Construction

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