Thursday, November 14, 2013

The real meaning of "pro-life"

There's a interview at National Review by Kathryn Jean Lopez and Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute that's a must read for any supporters of the pro-life cause. Read the whole thing, but I want to draw special attention to this quote:

The “pro-life” label, which the right-to-life movement has used for decades, is an attempt to get to the heart of the matter. It was and is meant to convey the breadth of the right-to-life movement — as well as to underscore the utter centrality of the right to life. It goes to the origin of our rights and to the idea that life is essentially a given – that is, a gift from our Creator...
The ultimate value of the term “pro-life” consists in this: We know that people are going to disagree over questions about the efficacy and extent of social services. Pro-life says that there is one thing we won’t do: We won’t subject your claim on our conscience, your most basic right to life, to arbitration. It must be a given that we do not sacrifice innocent human life on the altar of any public debate...
That this right exists is why the rest of the debate matters. If it does not exist, then we should be doing everything possible to end suffering by destroying the sufferer before he can impose on or inconvenience us. The Peter Singers of this world find this alternative appealing. Pro-life is a position that says the value of individual human life isn't  cannot be, contingent or qualified. No tests of perfection or “good timing” apply.

Wendy Davis would be well-advised to read this as well and learn what pro-life actually means. 

On a side note, as a campaign strategist, I couldn't help but laugh at Davis' idiotic attempt to redefine pro-life. I am highly skeptical that she changed anyone's mind with that argument, and by using the specific phrase "pro-life" and attempting to skew the definition away from how those who oppose abortion define it, all she did was draw attention to her radical pro-abortion views and get national coverage for it. I wouldn't be surprised if Greg Abbott ended up with a bump in fundraising after Davis' comments were published. 

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