Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Most epic rap video cameo by a former Congressman EVER

This is amazeballs. Earlier today, Jack Keller, an attorney friend of mine in Orlando, sent me a YouTube rap video he created, "Jack of All Trades," with a featured cameo from a familiar face for Florida politicos:

Jack Keller | JTK - Jack of All Trades

Does the "doctor" in the green scrubs at the beginning look familiar? That's Jack's brother, former Florida Congressman Ric Keller.

Representative Keller sadly lost his seat to the detestable Alan Grayson in 2008, but he has a successful law practice in Orlando now and some pretty sweet dance moves! 

Almost as sweet as this guy's dance moves.

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  1. Amazing. I now want all former members of congress to be in music videos.


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