Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to Chicago, Texas! Wait, huh?

Oh, the entertaining perils of using stock photography...

Texas Lieutenant Governor candidate Dan Patrick launched yet another little microsite attacking his Republican primary opponents, and here's a screenshot of the page:

Image via @misslizaface
I assume this is supposed to look like a television studio for a talk show. And what's that in the background? A pretty photograph of a city skyline? OK...

Wait. What city is that? Not Austin. Downtown isn't that close to the water.

Hmmm.  It's not Patrick's home base of Houston, or Dallas. That's a really big city, with so many skyscrapers. So where is it?

Well, isn't that interesting. Looks a lot like Chicago:

Image via Wikipedia (click image to enlarge)

Free advice for the Patrick campaign: Wikipedia has freely-available images of cities in Texas too, if y'all want to make any websites for campaigns somewhere other than Chicago. 

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