Friday, October 18, 2013

Bipartisan agreement: Alan Grayson is a loudmouth nut

As someone who had the unpleasant experience of having Alan Grayson as my Congresscritter for two years, this story did not surprise me at all:

In what Politico described as “a highly unusual move,” the House Intelligence Committee voted to deny Grayson access to classified information that played a role in President Obama’s call for a military strike in Syria.
The decision was not a partisan play, as the vote to deny Grayson access to some of the information was unanimous, Politico reported. The committee has 12 Republican lawmakers and 9 Democrats...
According to Politico, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chair of the House Intelligence Committee, sent Grayson a letter explaining the denial by saying requests are decided by considering “the sensitivity to the national defense or the confidential conduct of the foreign relations of the U.S. of the information sought…the likelihood of its being directly or indirectly disclosed [and] the jurisdictional interest of the member making the request.”
All of which suggests Grayson cannot be trusted to keep his mouth shut with classified information, with the denial serving as a likely consequence for his continued outlandish behavior as a member of Congress...

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Glad to see some bipartisan common sense here.

I'm still annoyed that moving to a new district (in an area of Central Florida with many newer residents less familiar with his aggressive, off-kilter antics) allowed Grayson to slink back into Congress. 

Here's hoping that voters do a better job in 2014.

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