Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Metahypocrisy at BuzzFeed

Sometimes the story isn't really the story...

Now, BuzzFeed isn't exactly known for being necessarily friendly to conservatives. Their treatment of a recent interview with Senator Marco Rubio drew criticism for its slanted portrayal of him, although Rubio handled it with his typical grace. Still, yesterday's post was a pretty vicious takedown of the Left's hypocrisy about certain foreign policy decisions by the Obama administration:
Obama's national security policy has continued some of the most controversial moves of the Bush administration. Silence from much of the left.
One example from the article:
You would think Democrats would react the same way they did to Bush's surge policy:
But they were really more like:

OK, so it's not the most intellectual discussion. Still, it's a good article that strikes right at the heart of the Left's hypocrisy on these issues: the policies that they claimed were the Worst Things To Ever Happen™ when President Bush did them now barely even elicit a shrug when Obama does the exact same thing.

But here's the interesting part: ever single example cited by BuzzFeed as a Bush policy continued by Obama happened last year or even earlier in Obama's first term. In other words, this exact same article could have been written at any point during the 2012 election without needing any sort of time travel.

What was stopping BuzzFeed from writing an article like this last September? You know, when it might have actually made a difference with people voting in the election?

This post about hypocrisy was itself hypocritical in its timing. "Metahypocrisy?" Is that a word? Maybe it should be.

Yeah, the more I think about it, I'm not really inclined to give BuzzFeed too much credit for this. Make some timely critiques of the President's policies, examine liberal politicians who are actually facing the electorate in 2014 or 2016 with the same single-minded focus they dedicate to mocking conservatives, and we can talk.

What do you think? Happy BuzzFeed is going after the President, or do you agree with me that it's a bit too little, too late?

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  1. buzzfeed needs to stick to lolcats. i like lolcats. everyone likes lolcats.

  2. Additionally, Ben Smith wrote an article noting how Obamacare is drastically raising costs on younger Americans in order to lower costs for older Americans. Something he should've written before the election.


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