Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sean Bielat not running for MA Senate, launching PAC & supporting conservative candidates instead

Sean is continuing his work with, as well as "[l]aunching a Political Action Committee (PAC) focused on vetting and supporting New England candidates who can do the most to revitalize the GOP and begin to give voters real choices at the polls."

He had formed an exploratory committee but ultimately decided that this year's election was "simply not the right time for our family:"
Running a third campaign in a high-profile race in three years with a one and a two year-old would be particularly difficult on our family. The most compelling reason for me to run is for our country’s future and for our children’s futures, but at this point, Hope and I feel that I can do the most for our children simply by spending time more time with them.
Read Sean's full statement here and sign up to get updates about the PAC and his efforts to support other conservative candidates.

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