Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marco Rubio demands end to "Washington's reckless spending"

Senator Marco Rubio published an op-ed in USA Today yesterday, emphatically stating that any increase in the debt ceiling must be accompanied by real and significant spending cuts, as well as entitlement reforms:

Any increase in the borrowing limit must be accompanied by real cuts.
Just 17 months ago, Washington raised the nation’s debt limit to $16.39 trillion, the largest debt ceiling level in our nation’s history. But because this increase didn't include serious spending reductions, it didn't take long to reach this borrowing limit.

In the coming weeks, we will again reach the debt limit, and President Obama is once more asking Congress to raise it, no questions asked.

Before we consider raising the debt limit, the American people deserve a real debate about how to ensure we don’t have to keep raising it.
The mountain of debt we are accumulating is mortgaging our children’s future.

Without real spending cuts, future generations will be weighed down by high interest payments on our debt and won’t be able to afford basic government functions, such as a strong national defense and social safety-net programs.

That is why any future increase in the debt ceiling must be accompanied by real spending cuts and reforms to unsustainable entitlement programs.

President Obama should view this not as a political nuisance, but as a real chance to adopt a plan that solves our debt problem and builds a stronger middle class.
We must simplify our tax code, stop needless regulations from holding back our job creators, encourage our energy industry to create more jobs, reform the way we educate and equip our middle class with skills for 21st century jobs, and reform health care by empowering individuals and families with more health care choices.
These policies will create middle-class jobs, boost take-home pay and help generate revenue for government — not through new taxes but by creating new taxpayers.
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  1. Sarah do you need any more bloggers?

    1. No. I have many reasons for wanting to keep this page independent and am not looking for additional contributors. Thank you.

  2. If Rubio was serious about cuts he would have countered his NO vote on Rand Paul's bill to end funding to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan with his own bill that encompassed the detail he claimed Senator Paul's bill lacked. But he didn't and the country was ready to do it.
    Rubio is not so bad but he could do better if he wants some of us to take him seriously. Instead it seems he is busy playing Party politics most of the time. I'd like to see him take the momentum we had campaigning for him in 2010 and do better.


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