Friday, January 4, 2013

Here's what your smaller paychecks get you, America!

I present the bang-your-head-on-the-wall news of the day...

As millions of Americans are noticing that their first paychecks of 2013 are smaller than they expected (#WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek is currently trending on Twitter), our President is back in Washington, fully rested after his Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

His $20 million vacation.

Yes, really. Twenty Million Dollars. Doesn't that just fill your heart with the Christmas spirit?

In fact, the full cost might be even more.

Nice juxtaposition on Drudge today. Heh. (Hat tip: @sistertoldjah)
I'm sure most of the people who voted for Obama didn't think they were voting for smaller paychecks for themselves. Somehow I doubt knowing Obama had such a nice, relaxing time in an island paradise is much consolation.

Hope and change don't come free, my dears.

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  1. What happened to the media who would screech with outraged fury every time Bush would go to his ranch in Crawford?

    Oh, wait.

  2. So Republicans are outraged over our national debt, which were caused in large part by W's unnecessary tax cuts (and unfunded wars). So Obama does something about our debt by eliminating the Bush tax cuts, restoring most taxes to the level they were at during the Clinton Administration, and Republicans are upset. The guy can't catch a break! I guess this means the Republicans were never really that upset about the deficit in the first place, using that as a red herring to bash Obama for any reason they could, right?

    1. do some math. any revenue from these tax increases barely covers a single digit percentage of the deficits we're currently running.

      ...which means they have no chance of putting a dent in our frighteningly huge national debt...

      (look up the difference between "deficit" and "debt" if you don't understand what I mean)

      yep. so we just passed a pile of tax increases that will hurt the economy and don't solve our long term debt problems. Oh, yeah, it's all BUUUUUUSH's fault. Sure.

  3. From what I understand, the $20 million is from 2009 - 2012. Not just this current one. It's only running around $7 million. Not bad for 20 days????

    Hey, it's just money, and he can just print more. What's the big deal?

    Oh, those poor Sandy victims you say?? They're still not getting their money & living in the street?? Darn Congress!!

    1. Sorry to be such a buzzkill and throw facts around, but here goes...

      1) The "emergency" type of funds needed after a disaster had already been covered by local and state funds, and some federal funds, as well as many charities.

      2) The vast majority of the Sandy-related relief in that bill was for LONG TERM reconstruction. Not for emergency aid to help people still homeless.

      3) The bill that came from the Senate was a pork-laden, heaping pile of bullshit. Lots of multimillion dollar payments for projects completely unrelated to damage caused by Sandy, to be used in states far away from any damage.

      4) Did you miss the part where we're a bazillion dollars in debt? Why is it ok to pile in a bunch of bullshit pork projects just because part of the bill pays for disaster relief.

      5) oh hey, look at that. they managed to pass a bill that didn't have so much crap in it. so everyone can calm the F down, right? maybe it would be easier if we all just stuck to blaming BUUUUUUUUSH.


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