Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ouch! Gallup numbers are UGLY for Obama

I bet my mother would not approve of the language they used at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when they saw this map. 

A Gallup survey of state-by-state presidential approval numbers taken earlier this year painted a very ugly picture for Obama's reelection chances.

The Washington Examiner went through the numbers, and if you assume that Obama would win the states where he has a net positive approval rating (and lose the states where he has a negative rating), Obama would lose to Romney by over 100 electoral votes, 215 to 323:
I like seeing Florida red on this map. My new friends at the Massachusetts GOP
are working very hard to turn this state from blue to red too. :)

That's a gorgeous map, isn't it?

Read the Washington Examiner article here, and see the Gallup results here.

UPDATE: My bad. These aren't the "latest" numbers, but from earlier this year. I've corrected the title of the post and some of the language to reflect the correct date. Someone emailed me the link to the Washington Examiner article this afternoon and I missed the date of the original post (which I had not seen when it was originally published). The hazards of posting on the go. Oh well.

Still, the larger point holds true - Obama's approval ratings are upside down in a number of key states, and that presents a formidable challenge to his reelection chances.


  1. Why do the states that have suffered the most under Democrats (IL, CA, MI) continue to like this moron?

  2. I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone use approval rating instead of head-to-head numbers to prove Obama is losing, it doesn't work that way.

    1. the numbers won't match up precisely 100% between approval ratings and votes, but they are related. If you don't approve of Obama's performance in office, you're less likely to vote for him! I don't think it's so complicated.

    2. Well it's irrelevant if they hate Romney more.

  3. LBL, it's a simple matter of Stockholm Syndrome.

  4. For Machusetts (asses in DC) answer, consider Cambridge - long a communist center of excellence


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