Friday, July 1, 2011

So, this is pretty cool...

For several months, Peter Schorsch at Saint Petersblog has been publishing "Florida's Top Political Tweeters," a ranked list of Twitter accounts (based on score).

When Schorsch released the first list back in March, I was thrilled to see that I had ranked, as he put it, "a surprising fourth." Joy Reid (@TheReidReport) has been at the top of the list each month...until now.

Yes, slowly and steadily I've been climbing in the twitterverse and I am happy to not-so-humbly announce that I am now the number one, top-ranked political tweeter in Florida!

Florida's Top Political Tweeters - For July

The Democrats may have won a mayor's race or two lately, but the Republicans are dominating Twitter. The top ten politicians on the list includes only one Democrat:

  1. @AllenWest
  2. @DWSTweets
  3. @MarcoRubio
  4. @FLGovScott
  5. @JebBush
  6. @AdamHasner
  7. @MattGaetz
  8. @JeffAtwater
  9. @George_LeMieux
  10. @RepDennisRoss
It goes without saying that if you're not already following @rumpfshaker on Twitter, you really should join the fun.

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