Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama's White House: Can't Spell, Can't Lead

Today, the White House posted this on their official twitter account:

Nice job. They had to write one sentence and screwed it up. It's not like they had to spell "Kyrgyzstan" or anything.

They were at least smart enough to send out a new tweet with the country properly spelled "Libya" a little while later.

On a fun side note, apparently the "Lybia" is a type of itty-bitty crabs, also known as "boxer crabs" or "pom-pom crabs," that are known for having sea anemones grow on their claws, which the tiny crab will use as a weapon.

Awww. That's kinda cute.
Anyway, back to Obama...far more important than the spelling errors, was anyone actually impressed with his speech today (link at CNN's YouTube channel here)? Hundreds, if not thousands of protesting Libyans have been brutally gunned down in the streets by the Qaddafi regime, and not only does Obama take days to respond to the well-documented violence, when he finally got around to saying something today, his words were as sharp as a wet cotton ball.

Obama promised to send Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Geneva to "hold consultations" with the U.N. Human Rights Council.  Ooh! The UNITED NATIONS! Clinton's gonna "consult" with them! I bet Qaddafi is just quivering in that weird terracotta orange toga suit. Well, at least he can sleep easy until Monday...because Obama's not sending Clinton anywhere for five more days...sigh...

Well, let's be fair...Obama also said after the UN, he'd send Clinton to the actual Middle East and "intensify our consultations." Wow! INTENSIFIED consultations! What is that exactly? Consultations where Clinton wrinkles her eyebrows and looks stern? Is Obama gonna make a frowny-face at Qaddafi and not let him have a cookie?

How many Middle Eastern countries have to erupt in violence, how many thousands of people have to be killed by dictatorial regimes in front of TV cameras, before the White House considers taking action other than promising to "monitor" the situation and, ughhh, "consult"?

Let's remember that these brutal dictators have been committing crimes against their own people and sponsoring terrorism for years, if not decades. It's not like there is any reason to trust them or give them any benefit of the doubt.

We can all get a good chuckle at the White House communication team's spelling errors. But this repeated failure of leadership by our Commander-in-Chief Chicken-in-Chief is no laughing matter.


  1. hahah that's awesome!! can you imagine if Bush's White House had made an error like that??

  2. OMG it would have been worse than Dan Quayle's "potatoe!"


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