Friday, February 11, 2011

Meghan McCain sticks her foot in her mouth for the millionth time

Oh, Meghan McCain...just when we are starting to forget about you, you do something so brilliantly obnoxious and boneheaded, you guarantee that dear sweet Meggie Mac will never fade from our minds...

As you should know, CPAC is going on in Washington, D.C. this week.  All day long, there are conservative activists, organizations, elected officials, and candidates to meet and listen to their presentations, in dozens of ballrooms, conference rooms, and convention halls at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  There are over 12,000 (!) people attending CPAC this year, the largest ever attendance. If you have conservative political beliefs on even one issue, there is someone here that you would enjoy meeting.

Well, apparently dear sweet Meggie felt left out of all the CPAC festivities and she posted this little gem on her twitter account late last night:
@McCainBlogette: I'm not at CPAC - girls like me only get invited to things like that if we are or have been impregnated. #imarepublicannotaconservative
As you'd expect, the reaction from the twitterverse was swift and severe.  Sweet Meggie deleted the original tweet just a few minutes later, but I had already taken a screenshot:

I hardly know where to begin here...

This is my first CPAC, and I am in amazement at the wonderful, smart, feisty conservative women I've met in only two days. Not sure what lil' Meggie means by "girls like me," but she clearly cannot mean the awesome ladies who I've met at CPAC. 

Actually, her whole statement is just beyond silly.  Anyone, anyone, can go to CPAC.  You just have to get a credentialed pass - either by buying one, which she could have easily done, or by pre-registering as media or a blogger (like I did).  Heck, Maureen Dowd was at CPAC yesterday (and trying unsuccessfully to crash the Bloggers' Lounge, haha!) so Meggie certainly could have gotten in.

But, wait, Meggie wanted to be "invited." Ah. I think  see the real issue now. She wanted to be "invited." She wanted to feel special. Well, tough cookies, sweetheart. To get to be an "invited" guest or speaker at CPAC, you have to have actually accomplished something that benefits the conservative movement. 

And what has Meghan McCain done for conservative politics? Well, she's related to someone who lost a Presidential race and she pops up on the news every now and then to toss insults at Republicans. It almost seems like the left wing media keeps Meggie in a cage and then every few months, trots her out, shows her a picture of a currently popular Republican, and then demands that she say the most creatively nasty and petty thing she can about that person.

Personally, I plan on encouraging my fellow CPAC Ladies to post their own responses to dear Meggie.  My suggestion is tweeting or blogging photos of us blowing kisses at her. It's at least nicer than flipping her off. No need to be nasty about it, just give a big grin and blow her a nice kiss. If you'd like to be in my tweets to Meggie, come track me down at CPAC today.

...Actually, if you're reading this, just try and say hi to me anyway. I'm having a blast meeting so many kick-*** conservatives.  I want to meet as many of you as possible in the next few days. Meghan McCain really is missing out on meeting some phenomenal people. It's pretty sad.


  1. She needs to realize that people don't like her because she is a self-centered child, not because she is "not conservative." It has nothing to do with her politics or her views or her tattoos or whatever else she wants to make it about.


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