Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama is running for WHAT, exactly?

Barack Obama is the current American president, if Wikipedia can be believed. He's also running some sort of campaign right now, but for what exact office is he running?

Let's review the facts:

Obama doesn't go to his jobs council meetings, rarely goes to intelligence briefings, doesn't have time to meet with foreign leaders (Sorry, Bibi!).

He's not much on detailed plans, but he is great with slogans and graphics (see left, HOPE!).

His wife, Michelle's, fashion choices make international headlines and receive endless, fawning praise (who doesn't love $540 sneakers?)

He wants you to check out his wedding registry.

He released the White House beer recipe to great fanfare, and Michelle is well-known for her cooking, gardening, and exercise tips.

He has songs! Songs by celebrities, and even songs by little kids!

Seriously. He's really awesome at the logos. He even has his own flag!
Note that they put the Obama "O" over the stars.
I wonder if that's so we don't notice there are 57 of them?

Obama is also a trendsetter, creating new memes that just take the internet by storm. This #ForAll thing was comedy gold on its own...

...and then the image that launched a thousand creepy nightmares, OFA campaign manager Jim Messina's awkward take on the idea...

That's the original, which is awful enough on its own, and of course the internet couldn't settle for that, so this was spawned:

...And more here.

Obama says he's running to represent all Americans, but we know he's really more popular with women voters.

In fact, one of Obama's greatest target audiences is younger, unmarried women, dreaming about the ways they would like their life to improve...

Wait a second.

I know what Obama's doing. He's not running for reelection as President of the United States. No way. That's not what his campaign is targeting.

Think about it - the fashion, the songs, the logos, the wedding planning, collections of photos, targeting women, the internet memes, the recipes...

Holy heck...he's running to be President of Pinterest.

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