Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is surprising to absolutely no one

From the official @charliecristfl twitter account today:
Wow.  Amazing.  Anyone want to take any guesses on what the polling results say about helping out our beleaguered tourism industry during this oil spill fiasco? 

Never mind the brutal and unexpected last-minute veto of other budget items (like almost $10 million from Shands Hospital).

And what precisely is this $4 million going to do?  The oil spill is an unprecedented fiasco, and a few chipper TV ads aren't enough to overcome the hysterical media coverage.  

Maybe they can partner with the Dawn Soap Saves Wildlife program, and do some joint marketing:

Come to Florida.  Bring Your Own Dawn Soap.  Save a Cute Critter and then Visit Mickey Mouse!

Seriously.  How freaking cute is this little guy?  He's even SMILING.

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